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  • Ryan Cowden

The Must-See Beaches of Brazil

Just like many tourists, your desire to travel Brazil was probably heightened by the often talked about coastline and beaches. With 4,600 miles of coastline, there are so many to choose from! But here are a few that are worth the extra time it may take to reach them and two that are great for the gay traveler.

Considering all the hype over the country's coastal regions, many of the public beaches are densely populated or are popular with domestic tourists and may be hard to enjoy.

To experience the beach life offered, set out to find some of the more desolate beaches, these are the true gems found throughout Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha.Photo by thiago japyassu,

Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

There are 16 beaches in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco.

Of course, this could take weeks to explore each one across the 21 island archipelago.

Volcanic rock formations create jagged cliffs where you'll spot spinner dolphins and sea turtles, hugging its edges.

The marine life there is one to be admired and is protected.

Advance planning is essential to visit though as there is a strict limit on visitors in order to protect the natural environment here.

Praia da Pipa, Rio Grande Do Norte

Surfers have taken over this spot due to its perfect waves and tides.

Bars and small beach shops align the streets and coast while visitors also view marine life.

Set up a spot on the sandy beach for some relaxation in the sun.

Thinking of something a bit more exclusive and Eco-lodge oriented? I just happen to know someone that manages a perfect escape in the area too!

Praia da Pipa, photo by isabel,

Camburí, São Paulo

This beach is one of several beach towns on the coast within reach in a few a few hours from São Paulo. Updated roads, modern hotels, eye-catching mansions, and much more attract visitors to this stretch of coastline.

Stretch out on the sandy beaches of Camburí Beach for a nap or stroll through the small beach towns for an abundance of entertaining things to do.

In the evening, check out some of the nation's award-winning restaurants for ethnic cuisine and a glass of local wine to fill your belly and delight your palate before catching the sunset.

Praia Camburí, São Paulo state. Photo: Valeria vcgvnave from Pixabay

Morro de São Paulo, Bahia

A historic town which was once ignored, but today it is one of the must-see places in Brazil.

The white sands and tropical climate bring in thousands of tourists every year.

Take advantage of this coastline region and its five great beaches by staying in one of the many modernized hotels or guest houses.

Expert Tip: This destination is accessible by a ferry from Salvador. After the excesses of that city's Carnaval, follow the crowd to this car free island and chill out!

Car Free Morro de São Paulo in Bahia state. Photo from @ravinemarttin.fotografa,

Jericoacoara, Ceará

Zooming along in a dune buggy between the tidal pools, beaches, oases, dunes and mangroves is an experience you'll never forget!

This resort town brings in an abundance of international vacationers, yet it still provides its guests with some hidden beach fronts and other great coastal features.

Surrounded by desert, Jericoacoara, Ceará has sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see.

Jericoacoara at low tide from atop one of the many dunes

From the top, you will see windsurfers and sand boarders. Beyond the dunes, splash down in the seasonal water pools via ziplines, speed along roller coaster style in dune buggies and explore the mangroves by canoe.

If you get there early enough or in the later hours of the day, you can view the magnificent sunrises or sunsets on a near daily basis from Duna do Pôr do Sol, or Sunset Dune. From here you'll likely agree with the slogan you see around the village, “O Paraiso do Brasil”, or "Brasil's Paradise!

Looking for Gay Friendly Beaches? Then here are two that attracts many gay visitors and locals alike.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Farme Amoedo

This is probably the most famous beach in all of Brazil, if not the world, and at the end of Rua Farme Amoedo as it meets the sand, you can't miss the extremely fit crowd between Posto 9 and Posto 8.

Need sunglasses, sungas (swimwear) or cangas (sarongs) or new havaianas? Don't worry, you'll have plenty of options to pick from here.

As with most beaches across the country, chairs, umbrellas and of course beers, caipirinhas and coconuts, are readily available and delivered to you!

There may not be a more iconic sight than this sunset from Ipanema Beach in Rio. Join the locals and clap as the sun disappears below the horizon.

Porto da Barra, Salvador

Post Carnaval crowd at Praia do Porto da Barra, Salvador; Below right, friend cheese on a stick

Salvador is a unique city in the Americas as it is an incredible blend of Portugal, Africa and modern Brazil. The influence that the African descendents have left upon Salvador and Bahia (state where Salvador is located), is tangible and in the New World, uniquely so.

Everything here from the smells of cooking oil (dendê palm fruit), the colonial historic center called Pelourinho (literally, the “Little Whipping Post”) and the explosion of colors there, to the pervasive drumbeats and carnaval itself are imprinted be Africa.

But like just about everywhere in Brazil, the coastline and beaches of course take center stage for many visitors and locals.

Just north of the Farol da Barra is a small sliver of beach, between an old fortress and one of the many hills of the city and it attracts a notable gay crowd.Fried cheese on a stick,a staple on Brazilian beachesStaying here as the sun sets is a spectacular setting worthy of your time and sure to leave an indelible image of this amazing city!

Do you have a winter escape escape that combines unique cultural offerings and beach time in mind? Then Brazil is the perfect destination for you. With 15 trips and around a year in total spent in this vast country, I will take the planning on for you!

Schedule a call today and visit summertime Brazil during our winter months.



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